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Aarets foerste julekort

10. Dec 2006 12:19, twishart

Dick Whittington and his Cat

According to legend, as a young boy, Richard Whittington travelled to London from Gloucestershire to find work, after his father died in 1358. He was apprenticed and eventually became a Mercer, dealing in fine cloths, such as silks and velvets which he sold to the Royal Court. He became a wealthy merchant and was Lord Mayor four times.

The pantomime story of Dick Whittington relates that he acquired a cat to keep down the mice in the attic of his employer in London and that he gave his cat tot he captain of a ship for a voyage that his employer finance. Dick left the City and, on his way home, he stopped on Highgate Hill, where he heard the bells of London ringing and they seemed to say: 'Turn again, Whittington, three times Lord Mayor of London'. Dick thought this was a good omen and turned back. He then learnt that the ship had returned, with news that when it had reached a foreign land, where the king's court was overrun by rats, Dick's cat killed or drove out all the rats. In thatnks the king paid a huge sum of gold to buy the cat. As a result, Dick became a wealthy man.

In 1406, when Richard Whittington became Lord Mayor of London for the third time, he was the Alderman for Lime Street, the ward which the present Lord Mayor represents. Lime Street is home to Leadenhall Market and Lloyd's of London.

Julekortet var far John og Lesley Stuttard. John er Lord Mayor of the City of London og Alderman for Lime Street Ward Club. Jeg er medlem af klubben - derfor kom aarets foerste julekort fra Mansion House!

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